How to Sell

1: Register as a Seller

If this is the first time you are registering on Art Auctions, click on the "Sign Up" link and complete all the required fields.

2: Create a Listing

When creating the listing of an item that you want to sell on Art Auctions, first choose one of the formats offered: Auction, Product or Classified, and so on. Next, select the appropriate category for your listing

3: Buyers "Place Bids" or Buy Using "Buy Out"

After you have created your listing and it is live on Art Auction, potential bidders and buyers can find it. Interested buyers or bidders may ask you questions about your product via the _Ask a Question

4: Buyer Completes the Purchase

Once the bidder has won an auction, or the buyer has bought an item, they need to complete the order. Auctions: The winning bidder will be notified by email and asked to complete the transaction.

5: Package and Ship the Order

Once you receive payment from a buyer, you can pack and ship the goods. The Art Auctions system allows you to print invoice and address delivery order page. 

* Whenever you can, offer free shipping

* Offer several shipping methods to your buyers

* Always offer fair and reasonable shipping rates

* Offer insurance or include the insurance in the shipping fee

*  Keep your customers informed at every step of the delivery process

*  Use the Art Auctions messaging system to send tracking numbers to the buyers

*  If necessary, provide assistance to buyers in tracking parcels

Follow up with your buyers to ensure that they received their parcel and are happy with the purchase.

Happy Selling!!

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